Year 6 19.5.20

Good Morning everyone,

Quick write:  P.E. and Sport – Do schools allow enough time for physical activities? Or are children spending too long in the classroom sitting down?

** The Quick-Fire Write challenges you to write around 200 words based on the 4 questions at the end of each video, around 50 words per question!

Maths: Coordinates and shapes: To recognise nets of 3-D shapes. This is something I know a lot of you found tricky when you did some of these questions during our mock SATs tests. Remember the question about the net and dice?

In this  lesson you will learn to recognise and build 3-D nets, you will then use this information to solve problems. Good luck, let me know how you get on.

Literacy: Diary Entry lesson 2: reading focus. This lesson will be focusing on key language.

Art: How to make a tessellating ghost pattern wallpaper in the style of artist M.C.Escher. A ghost outline is drawn to create the basic image to be repeated throughout this design. The image is drawn around as a template and repeated before being flipped over and repeated beneath itself. In this way all images interlock with each other and create a larger infinite design with repeated ghost images.  (You can have to the end of the week for this task, I know it’s hard to fit everything in.)

This week is also Mental Health Awareness Week, so today I thought we would focus on ‘Being Active’ as being physically active can improve mood and wellbeing, therefore at times decrease stress, depression and anxiety. Below I have suggested some tasks you could try.

  • Create a simple but fun exercise which you could do in your home or out in the garden.
  • Go for a walk/run or a cycle
  • Can you create a new goal celebration – filming it would be great.
  • Can you create a TIK TOK dance – I’ve tried and I’m not very good 🙂

Reading: We are nearly there, today is time for Chapter 7.

  1. Read the chapter.
  2. Answer online multiple choice questions.
  3. Imagine you were Sigi and you hadn’t seen your brother for a number of years. What would you talk about and what questions would you ask?

Have a great day Year 6,

Miss Wood and Mr Wanless