Year 6 Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL – Day 3

After a good night’s sleep the children woke bright eyed and bushy tailed for breakfast at the start of day three. Raft building awaited them which would draw on their team building skills, logic and perseverance. They worked hard as a team to build a raft which they had to all travel on from one side of the lake to the other. It proved to be a great bonding experience, one which they learnt a great deal from.

Where to start next! Archery, Climbing, Survival, Trapeze and the traditional Camp Fire all beckoned on the third day for the children once they had completed building their rafts.


Archery was a popular choice for Year 6 and they worked hard to combat the technicalities of the bow. Mastering an activity of this nature was a great example of how well the children worked and how well they encouraged each other.




The Wall always proves just how well the children are learning from their experience. It shows confidence, determination and perseverance. Congratulations to all of you who climbed on the wall today. Team work really helps!!


Survival skills and shelter building were on the late afternoon agenda on Day 3. The children learnt how how to build a waterproof shelter in the wild and the value of being able to build a fire. Resilience and team work indeed!


Trapeze and Swing were the highlights of the afternoon. You can see the confidence and bravery the children exhibited during both activities.

Swing Video


No residential trip is ever complete with out a campfire and marshmallows!