Year 6 Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL – Day 4

After a good night’s rest the children woke to Day 4 with the promise of the Zip Line and Jacob’s Ladder in front of them. Whilst some were a little bleary eyed others were waiting with trepidation for the activities to begin.


Jacob’s Ladder is not an activity for those of you with a fear of heights. The children had to work together and support their partner to climb as high as they could to a height between 85 and 90 feet before taking the bravest step of all. Jumping off a small platform!





Zip Wire always proves to be a popular activity even for the adults. The children derive great pleasure from the feeling they get as they zoom on down the wire at great speed feeling the wind rush past them.






Shooting an arrow is not as easy as it looks. The children had enormous fun trying their hand at archery on the range and some were very successful.






The art of survival is to be prepared. Judging by the children’s ability to whittle  stake and start a fire not to mention building a shelter the staff thought they were well set to try out their new found skills.