Year 6 Online Learning 5.1.21

Happy New Year Year 6, we hope you had a lovely Christmas with your families.

Today, marks the start of our Online Learning, we are both looking forward to seeing the wonderful work you produce.

PE: Get-set for Tokyo  A range of cross curricular resources and ideas that can be done at home around the theme of the 2020 (now 2021) Tokyo Olympics

Below I have attached 2 activities: 

  1. Handy Hitter – A keepy uppy challenge
  2. Watch the video and copy the routine.

Maths: We are going to focus on decimals, lesson 1 will be a recap on decimals up to 2 decimal places.  I have attached a teacher video link along with a worksheet and answer page. 

English: Based on Journey, 

Watch the clip of the story and then work your way through our slides.


Task: Write your own sentences using either a subordinate or relative clause to introduce the girl steering her hot air balloon and noticing the other airship and the purple bird in the distance.

Underline the clause and put a circle around the subordinating conjunction or the relative pronoun in each sentence.

Guiding Reading: Please read Chapter 1 of Secret Agent Grandpa and then answer the comprehension questions, which has been set as one of your 2do tasks.

Spelling Work: Please practise the spelling words on the Yr5/6 from the statutory spelling list and the Yr5/6 common exception words. From these lists you could write sentences each day/create a short story/playscript or even create your own word search.

Spring Homework: Please find your new Homework grid attached below, you may wish to start working on these activities during your afternoons.

Have a great day and don’t forget to email us your work. It would also be lovely to hear about your Christmas.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood