Year 6 Online Learning 29.1.21

Good Morning Year 6,

Here are your online tasks for today.  All the tasks have also been set on Google Classroom.  On Google Classroom you can ‘hand in’ your work directly to your teacher to mark.



We are continuing with our work on Algebra

Watch this video:

Answer the questions here: Task

Here are the answers for you to check your work when complete: Answers



We are continuing our writing based on Sherlock Holmes from Oak Academy.

Watch the lesson here and complete the tasks set in the video:


Guided Reading:

Today you will finish reading  ‘Just the Beginning’ and then need to answer the comprehension questions set.  This has been set as a 2Do in Purple Mash.



Using the information you found out yesterday and the food wheel, create a day’s meals for an 11 year old boy or girl. They will need breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some healthy snacks and drinks. Remember to include food from all food groups but also make the meals interesting enough to tempt them. Write it out on the template provided or create your own.

Meal planner template

Food wheel


Google Meet:

Don’t forget to join us on our Google Meet this afternoon at 2pm.


Have a great day!  We look forward to seeing your work.


Mr Wanless and Miss Wood