Year 6 Online Learning 20.11.20

Happy Friday Year 6!

We hope that you have had a good week working from home.  We have been impressed by the work we have seen you complete.  Keep emailing us your work so we can give you feedback.



Today we have set a reading comprehension task for you to complete.  In the reading comprehension task, there are 3 short pieces of text with questions underneath.  One text is a piece of fiction, the second is a non-fiction text and the third is poetry.  There are 4 questions to answer about each text.  Each question is a tests a specific reading skill Questions types

Reading Comprehension



We will do our spelling test when we are back in school.  Today we would like you to complete the spelling scrabble sheet to see which of our spelling words is the highest scoring.

Spelling Scrabble

Here is your new spelling list to start learning.  We will set tasks based on these words need week.

Spellings for week beginning 23rd November



Today we are going to be revising dividing numbers with a remainder.  Watch the lesson input here:

Answer these questions once you have watched the clip: Divide-with-remainders


True or false?   

If you divide any number ending in a 2 or a 7 by 5, you will always get a remainder of 2



Here is the third lesson of our topic ‘The History of Baghdad’: Baghdad Lesson 3

Draw an aerial map of the city of Baghdad 900 AD.  Use a key or labels to show landmarks in the city.   Write a description of what the city would have been like.

The sheets below may be extra help for you:

City Map

The importance of Baghdad


Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood