Year 6 Online Learning 19.11.20

Hello Year 6!

Here are your online tasks for today:



Lots of you have emailed us to say that you enjoyed the story of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It has a very sad ending which is what we are continuing to focus on today:

Watch the film here:

Today you are going to finish writing the ending to this clip. Watch the clip from 3.00 to the end and write the narrative to go with this section. Remember to create tension and to imply how character’s are feeling.

Think about:
How does Rock feel when he sees Paper hurt and unconscious?
Why does he carry her to the safety of her garden when he knows that she is dangerous for him to touch?
Why do all the paper flowers bloom when Paper awakes?
What has happened to Rock?
How does Paper feel when she realises the sacrifice he has made?

Can you extend the ending beyond what is shown in the clip? What would happen next in your ending?

Please email us your endings. We are intrigued to find out how you have decided to end the story. Has Paper managed to save Rock so they can live happily ever after?



See if you can find all 10 spelling words in this word search: Spelling Word Search



Today we are moving onto division.  We are going to recap dividing 4 digits by 1 digit, which you should have done in Year 5.  Watch the lesson input here:

Then answer these questions: Divide-4-digits-by-1-digit

Try this sheet if you would like to challenge yourself: Divide 4 Digits by 1 Digit challenge Sheet



We are going to continue with our ‘History of Baghdad’ topic.  Read through the information on this PowerPoint: Baghdad Lesson 2

Your Task: Imagine that you are living in Baghdad back in the year 900.  Write a letter to a friend who lives elsewhere in the world, explaining why Baghdad is such an exciting place to live and study.  The fact sheet below may also give you some extra ideas to include in your letter.

The Importance of Baghdad fact Sheet


Have a good day!  We are looking forward to seeing your work.


Mr Wanless and Miss Wood