Year 6 Online Learning 12.1.21

Good Morning Year 6!

Here are today’s tasks for your online learning:



Here is the link to Journey story: Click here to watch the YouTube video of the book Journey

Today we are going to use interesting vocabulary

Lesson 6



We are continuing our work on decimals.

Watch this video:

Then answer these questions: Task: Y6-Spring-Block-1-WO5-Divide-decimals-by-integers-2019

The answers are here for you to check your work once you have finished: Answers


Guided Reading

Read chapter 6 of Secret Agent Grandpa and then answer the comprehension questions.  This has been set as a 2do on Purple Mash.



Please practise the spelling words from the Statutory Spelling list and Common Exception Words.

You could write some sentences with your spellings, create a short story or make up your own word search.

Common Exception Words

Statutory Spelling List



We are going to be following the Evolution unit plan from Oak Academy.

Today’s lesson is ‘Which organisms lived during each era of time?’.  Click here to start the lesson


Don’t forget to email us your work!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood