Year 6 Home Learning 30.3.20

Morning Year 6, today I have a few tasks for you to get started with, some you will finish and others I have put a two day limit on to break it up and to ensure you give yourself time to produce something amazing!

Literacy Focus:  The White Feather Brigade.  Make notes by researching the pros and cons of it.

Think about why the women felt empowered by giving men a white feather. How do you think men may have felt receiving a white feather?   In their own words, children to write what the Order of the White Feather was and the impact it had on men and women during the first world war:

Who created the Order of the White Feather?

What is a white feather a symbol of?

Why did women give them to men?

How did this make the women feel?

How did this make the men feel?

Do you agree with the Order of the White Feather? Why?

PE: I am hoping to acquire a new football kit for the School, if I do what would you like our Parkside Kit to look like. There is a template for you to use or you could create your own.

Also remember to follow Joe Wicks at 9am as he continues to be the nation’s PE teacher. He is also now planning on donating ALL the money generated from his YouTube videos to give to the NHS. So keep supporting him.

Maths: Before we closed we paid a lot of attention to Fractions and after looking closely at the work you completed last week, I looked on the Year 7 work, week 2 where it focused on Fractions and I think this would be a very useful transitional unit to follow this week to see which gaps we may have with fractions as we get closer to Year 7.

Lets start on Year 7 Week 2 Lesson 1 – Step 6 – Understand and use equivalent fractions

First session in week 2 focuses on equivalent fractions. Good luck

Monday and Tuesday Reading: Purple Mash – Suffrajitsus

We have set a new reading task on Purple Mash for you to complete. Read the first chapter of the online book Suffrajitsus then answer the multiple choice questions about the text, chapter 1 sequencing, Chapter 1 SPaG, Chapter 1 open ended questions and the My Idol task.

Continue to learn the Year 5/6 spellings, which can be found on the Year 6 page of our school website. Get your parents to pick 5 spelling words and dictate a sentence for you to write.  Make sure you punctuate your sentences correctly too.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood