Year 6 Home Learning 30.06.2020

Hello Year 6,

Thank you for the work we are receiving by email. We love to see what you are achieving at home and are pleased with your efforts.


PE: As usual we would like you to start the day with some physical activity. You could tune into Joe Wicks at 9am on his YouTube channel for his daily workout, or if you want to have a go at something different, you could make up your own exercise routine for your family to follow!


English: This week our writing is based around a clip called Francis.

Watch it here:

Yesterday you drew the creature that was in the lake knocking on her boat. Today we would like you to write a description of this beast.

Remember to:
– Use vivid descriptions (metaphors, similes, expanded noun phrases)
– Describe all of its features: eg skin, tentacles, webbed feet, tail, eyes, teeth, tongue, nose/snout, size, etc.
– how it moves, noises it makes, how it senses objects nearby etc.
– Explain why the beast is knocking – Is it cross? Is it curious? Does it want something?
– Use neat handwriting
– Use a range of punctuation
– Use different sentence lengths.


Reading: Read chapter 2 of ‘Where Sea Eagles Fly’ then answer the multiple-choice questions. Both have been set as a 2Do. Then see if you an have a go at the sequencing activity. Remember to refer back to the text if needed.



Maths: Today we will be calculating ratio.

Watch the clip and then answer the questions below. When you have finished you can use the answers to mark your work – but no peeking at the answers until you are finished!


Maths Work

Maths Answers


Positive Minds: Week 5 Effective Communication Task    Week 5 Effective Communication Result


World War II Project:

Over the next few weeks, we are going to learn about World War II. Each week we will set a variety of activities for you to pick from. Some of these activities may take you longer than an afternoon so you don’t have to do them all.

1. Research and draw the flags of some of the countries involved in World War II. Are the same flags used for these countries today?

2. Research the planes that were used during World War II.

You could have a go at drawing them:

Or you could have a go at making a 3D model:
Spitfire model Spitfire model 2

3. Research some rationing recipes and have a go making something delicious to eat.

4. Research the leaders of the different countries involved in the war. Create a fact file on them or draw their portraits.

5. Research and write a report about the ‘Battle of Britain’


Remember to send us photos of your work!

Have a lovely day.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood