Year 6 Home Learning 27.03.20

Hello Year 6!

We’ve enjoyed seeing photographs of all the delicious food you made yesterday afternoon: there were pancakes, chocolate cakes and even some interesting sandwich creations.  It’s great to see you having a go at the tasks we are setting.

Morning Workout

Take part in the Joe Wicks workout which is on at 9am this morning.  Here is a link to yesterday’s one if you want to have another go at it:



Today you need to finish your newspaper article reporting the death of the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison.  You may need to do a little more research to ensure your report has detailed facts about the event.  It would be a good idea to include some statements from people who may have seen the incident; this can be done as either direct or indirect speech.

These links may help you:

We would love to see your final newspaper reports – email them over to us when you have finished.



We are on our last day of ratio.  We are doing Lesson 5 – Using scale factors:

Watch the clip, then download the activity to complete.  The answers are also there for you to check your work when you have finished.

If you are unable to open this link you can always continue with the maths activities in the learning pack that was sent home.


Scavenger Hunt 

Here’s something a little bit different for you to do this afternoon…

We want you to go on a scavenger hunt around your house!  You will need someone to read out each instruction you need to complete and to time how long the whole hunt takes you.  Good Luck!



Reading, Spelling and Time Tables 

Read Chapter 4 of the Cyber Crime Files and answer the multiple choice questions set as a 2do.  Don’t forget to say hello on our Year 6 blog when you log in – just click on the sharing tab at the top of the page, and then click on shared blogs.

Have a go on Times Table Rock Stars – your log ins are on our Year 6 webpage.

Remember to practise the Year 5/6 spellings.  They can also be found on the Year 6 webpage.  Try and use 10 of the words in a silly story.


Have a great weekend!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood