Year 6 Home Learning 26.11.20

Good Morning Year 6,

We hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves.

PE: Pumped up Pilates – Have a go at this, it will target coordination skills and body strength

English: Day 2 – For anyone who needs an extra day to finish:

We are going to continue with retelling the animation ‘Soar’

Watch the film here:

Use your sequencing grid you completed yesterday as a plan to help you with your writing.

Retell the story, from the girl’s point of view. We are looking for:

– Use of first person (you are writing as the girl)
– A range of punctuation
– Exciting vocabulary
– Different sentence lengths
– Writing that implies how the characters are feeling rather than just telling the reader e.g. Mara held her breath as the plane took flight.
– Correct spellings

Here is an example written by another Year 6 child to help you: Soar Example

Reading: Read Chapter 4 and answer the quiz questions for ‘The Dark Castle’

Maths: Long Division 3 –

History: Lesson 5: The Mongol Attack on Baghdad

Today you will start to learn about the Mongol attack on Baghdad in 1258 and how it destroyed the city

Below is a link to the clip –  Mongols: Zenith of Empire – Siege of Baghdad 1258 and Battle of Ain Jalut 1260 DOCUMENTARY

It gives you a little bit more detail about who the Mongols were and what they did.

Art: An introduction in Islamic Art – I have attached a short presentation and also an instruction worksheet which guides you through an example of a geometric repeating pattern. This is something we will be focusing on once we return to school.


Have a great day,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood