Year 6 Home Learning 26.03.20

Good morning Year 6,

Firstly, we would like to start with a big thank you to everybody who sent photographs and PowerPoints of their completed work yesterday.  We love seeing what you have accomplished while working at home and we are really proud of the effort you are putting in.

Here are today’s tasks:


Morning workout with Joe Wicks

Tune in to Joe Wicks YouTube channel at 9am and join in with his 30 minute workout.  Here is a link to yesterday’s one in case you missed it:



This week you have been learning about Emily Wilding Davison and all the things she did in the fight for women’s suffrage.  Through your research, you now know that she was killed when she stepped out in front of the king’s horse in the 1913 Derby.  No one truly knows what she was trying to do when she stepped onto the race course – some people think it was suicide, others think it was a tragic accident as she attempted to pin a suffragette banner to the king’s horse. Find out a little more from this link:

We would like you to pretend you are a newspaper reporter back in 1913 and write an article about this sad event.  You can, if you like, type it up on the computer to make it look very professional!   Use a large bold text for the headline, a smaller font for the subheading and see if you can write the main body of the text in columns.  Many newspaper articles also include photographs and captions too.  This link will show you exactly how your newspaper should be set out:

These images below are real articles that were written about her death:

This is a long writing task so we are going to give you 2 days to complete this, like we would have done if we had been in school.



We are continuing our work on ratio.  Today we are on Lesson 4 – Calculating ratio.

As usual, watch the video clip first, download the activity then check your answers.



In our DT lessons, we have been looking a different recipes and recently made delicious miniature Victoria sponge cakes.  Have a go at doing some food preparation today.  This could be preparing a tasty sandwich for lunch, baking a cake or some biscuits or you could even help prepare an evening meal.  Don’t forget to also help clean up after your cooking!  We would love to see photos of the food you make.  If you like you, could take step by step photographs and write up your instructions for someone else to follow.


Reading and Time Tables

  1. Read Chapter 3 of Cyber Crime Files on Purple Mash and answer the multiple choice comprehension questions.
  2. Log on to Time Table Rock Stars.  Your passwords are on our website in the latest news section and in our Year 6 area.


Have a great day,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood