Year 6 Home Learning 25.11.20

Happy Wednesday Year 6, hope you are having a good week!

PE: Fitness circuit (Part 3): Designing a fitness circuit

In this lesson we learn about the different ways we can keep healthy and design our own fitness circuit.

English: We are going be doing some writing based on the film ‘Soar’.

Watch the film here:

First, we would like you to sequence the key events in the story:

Sequencing activity

Once you have all the events in the correct order, this will become a plan to help you rewrite the story.

We are going to give you 2 days to retell the story, from the girl’s point of view. We are looking for:

– For you to write in first person (as the girl)
– A range of punctuation
– Exciting vocabulary
– Different sentence lengths
– For you to imply how the characters are feeling rather than just tell the reader e.g. Mara held her breath as the plane took flight.
– Correct spellings

Here is an example written by another Year 6 child to help you: Soar Example

Maths: Long Division 2 –

History: Today we are on Lesson 4: Baghdad – A Centre for Learning

Hopefully after today’s session you will start to understand why many people came to Baghdad from around the world to trade, teach and learn.

Clips below to take a look at – ** You do not have to do any of the tasks from the clips, its more for extra research and understanding.


** If you would like to answer any of the comprehension questions from the clips, please do.

Reading: Read Chapter 3 of ‘The Dark Castle’ and answer the quiz questions.

Take care,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood