Year 6 Home Learning 25.03.20

Hello Year 6!

Well done to all of you who are completing the tasks we are setting on here.  We are beginning to receive some photographs of your completed work which has been lovely to see.  Here are you tasks for today:

Wake up with Joe Wicks

Take part in his 30 minute exercise class to wake yourselves up.  It is on every morning at 9am on his YouTube channel. If you missed yesterday’s one you can have a go at it by clicking this link:



We would like you to complete presenting your facts about the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison.  Some of you may be making a PowerPoint about her, others may be creating a large A3 poster, similar to the double page spread we did in our English books about the suffragettes. Remember to think carefully about the presentation and content. Try to include:

  • Illustrations or photographs of her
  • Pop up elements
  • A bold title and subheadings
  • Lots of detailed facts about her and the things she did

We would love to see the work you produce – you can always email us photos of your final pieces if you are able to.



We are continuing our work on ratio today.  We would like you to do Lesson 3 – Introducing the Ratio Symbol

Watch the clip first, then download the activity and answer the questions. Remember the answers are there for you to check your work once you have completed it.



Task 1 Activity Sheet Classifying Organisms

Task 2 Activity Sheet Living Things Jigsaw

Have a go at the tasks above.  In Task 2, there are 2 jigsaws for you to cut out and complete.  The 1 star jigsaw is easier.  To be able to complete the 3 star jigsaw, you may need to do some online research.  Good luck!


Reading and Spelling

We have set a new reading task on Purple Mash for you to complete. Read the second chapter of the online book Cyber Crime Files then answer the multiple choice questions about the text.

Continue to learn the Year 5/6 spellings, which can be found on the Year 6 page of our school website. Get your parents to pick 5 spelling words and dictate a sentence for you to write.  Make sure you punctuate your sentences correctly too.


Purple Mash Blog

We have set up a blog on Purple Mash so we can post messages to each other and keep in touch while we are not at school.  You can also use this blog to ask any questions you may have about the tasks we set and your teachers and classmates will be able to help you.

To access the blog: log on to Purple Mash, click on the green ‘sharing’ tab then go to ‘shared blog’.


Have a great day!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood