Year 6 Home Learning 24.11.20

Good Morning everyone, thank you all for the wonderful pieces of work yesterday.

PE:  Fitness circuit Part 2 – strength and power

English: We are going to do some work based on the film ‘Soar’ which you watched yesterday.

Watch the film again here:

Throughout the film, the 2 main characters experience many different thoughts and emotions. We are able to infer the character’s feelings, thoughts and motivations without there being any dialogue (talking between characters).

Think about the answers to these questions:
– How do we know the girl is devastated after watching her plane crash at the beginning?
– How do we know that her overall aim is to build an aircraft that flies?
– How do we know that the small boy is afraid of the girl when they meet?
– How do we know that he is desperate to get back to his mission/people?
– How do we know that the girl almost gave up at the end?

Complete the chart below to show each character’s feelings as different events happen. Make sure you explain HOW you know they are feeling like that, based on facial expressions, body language and actions.

Viewpoints of Characters

You can either print the sheet out, or draw your own chart out on a sheet of paper.

Maths: Long Division lesson 1:

Spelling Work: Learn your spellings for the week, and create some anagrams for each word.

Reading: Read Chapter 2 of ‘The Dark Castle Mystery’ and complete the quiz questions.

Fun Art: Follow the steps on this website to create an amazing piece of Perspective Art work 

We are looking forward to seeing how well you get on,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood