Year 6 Home Learning 24.04.20

Good Morning Year 6,

Thank you for all the emails we have been receiving.  It is lovely to see what you are accomplishing at home.  We hope you are ready for another day of home learning…


Morning Workout:

Remember to tune in to Joe Wick at 9am on his YouTube channel for a daily workout.



Lots of you have emailed us to say that you enjoyed the story of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It has a very sad ending which is what we are continuing to focus on today:

Watch the film here:

Today you to finish writing the ending to this clip. Watch the clip from 3.00 to the end and write the narrative to go with this section. Remember to create tension and to imply how character’s are feeling.

Think about:
How does Rock feel when he sees Paper hurt and unconscious?
Why does he carry her to the safety of her garden when he knows that she is dangerous for him to touch?
Why do all the paper flowers bloom when Paper awakes?
What has happened to Rock?
How does Paper feel when she realises the sacrifice he has made?

Can you extend the ending beyond what is shown in the clip? What would happen next in your ending?

Please email us your endings. We are intrigued to find out how you have decided to end the story. Has Paper managed to save Rock so they can live happily ever after?


Reading and Times Tables:

You need to read Chapters 5 and 6 of ‘Just the Beginning’ on Purple Mash. Answer the multiple choice quizzes for each chapter.

Don’t forget to log in to Times Table Rock Stars to practise your times tables.



We are continuing with the White Rose Maths home learning lessons. This week we have been doing the lessons in Summer Term Week 1

In today’s lesson, White Rose have partnered up with BBC Bitesize daily to come up with a Maths Challenge which is the same for each year group.  This is so families can work together through the problems, and all children can take part.  This means you may find some of the first challenges slightly easier.  Challenges 7 to 10 are super tricky but they based on concepts covered in year 6 so have a go at them.  Good luck!


Fun Friday – Whole School Activity

Every Friday, Parkside teachers will set the same activity so you can work with your brothers or sisters to complete the task if you like.  Here is today’s Parkside task:

Captain Tom Moore is the wonderful WW2 veteran who wanted to walk 100 lengths of his garden before his 100th birthday, with the aim of raising £1,000 for NHS Charities Together.

Not only has Tom successfully achieved his 100 lengths, but he has smashed his target and has raised over 28 million for charity.

As a whole school activity, design a card to send to Captain Tom for his 100th birthday. You can use Purple Mash to do this – we have set you a 2do on 2paint – or you can do it on a piece of paper and send us a photo.  If you do the task on Purple Mash, you can share your finished artwork on the ‘Happy Birthday Capt. Moore’ display board for everyone to see (this is under the sharing tab at the top of the page).

For more information about this whole school “Fun Friday” activity visit:


Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood