Year 6 Home Learning 23.03.20

Good morning Year 6,

We hope that you have had a good weekend and are looking after yourselves.  We will be setting you daily tasks to complete from this page, but please remember that you can also log in to Mathletics, Purple Mash, Education City and Times Table Rock Stars as we have set some activities on these too.  Your log in details are in your ‘SAT packs’ that were recently set out, or you can email your class teacher if you need your passwords again.

Joe Wicks is leading a fun 30 minute workout on his YouTube channel at 9am every morning.  This would be a great way to wake yourselves up ready for the day ahead and everyone in your family can get involved.


This week we had planned to learn about the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison.  Your task today is to complete some research notes about her.  See if you can find out the answers to these questions:

  • When was she born?
  • What was her job?
  • What did she do during the 1911 census and why?
  • How many times was she sent to prison and what happened to her there?
  • How did she die?  What was she trying to do?

It is important that you complete your research ready for tomorrow’s task.


You are going to be learning about ratio this week.   White Rose Maths has put together a great home learning pack on this which can be accessed through this link:

We would like you to complete lesson 1 only – Using ratio language.  Watch the clip about ratio then answer the questions in the  activity section.  The answers are also available so you can check your work once you have completed it – no cheating!

Art – Portraits and Photography

Take some photographs of your family members (and pets), considering light and texture.  Pick your favourite photograph and use this to draw a portrait of this family member using a black pen.  Think about how you can use the pen markings to create different tones.

Don’t forget you should also be reading daily.  When reading we would like you to make a list of any new, exciting vocabulary you find.  Make sure you discuss these words with someone to ensure you understand their meaning.  We would also like you to be learning your spellings.   The year 5/6 word list can be found in your SAT packs or under the Year 6 section of the school website.  Ask your parents to dictate a sentence using some of these words for you to write down.

Have a great day – stay safe!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood