Year 6 Home Learning 22.04.20

Hello Year 6,

We are already half way through the week and we are pleased with the work we are receiving. Keep sending it through to us on email and we will try and share some of it on Twitter for everyone else to see.


Morning Workout:

Remember to tune in to Joe Wick at 9am on his YouTube channel for a daily workout! Here is a link to yesterday’s workout in case you missed it.



Yesterday we watched a film called ‘Broken’ which is based on the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Rock, Paper and Scissors met each other? Well, when Rock happens to meet the magical Paper, it’s love at first sight. But when the wrath of Scissors threatens the well-being of Paper, Rock must stop at nothing to save what he loves most, no matter the cost.

Watch the film here:

You will have noticed there is no dialogue in the film. Tension is built through the images and music alone, which is a very clever technique. Today we would like you to write the dialogue (what was said) between Rock and Paper when he tries to persuade her to come with him to escape Scissors (this is from 1.15 – 1.40 in the clip). There are stills of this section of the clip below:

What would Rock say to Paper about:
– Who he is
– Why she should trust him
– Who is coming through the forest
– Why she is in danger
– Her hurting him and making him crumble
– The urgency to get away now

How would Paper respond to Rock? Remember she has never met him before so will she trust him straight away? What is her reaction when he grabs her arm and she makes him crack and crumble?

Try to make your writing have the same intensity as the music suggests. Make sure each character’s dialogue starts on a new line and is correctly punctuated.



Have a go at identifying active and passive verbs on the BBC Bitesize website:

We’ve recently done active and passive verbs in class so this should be good revision for you.  Watch the 2 video clips then have a go at the online activities.



You need to read Chapter 3 of ‘Just the Beginning’ on Purple Mash. Answer the multiple choice quiz. As the story is about an earthquake, we have also set you a 2do task about writing a short earthquake poem.


We are continuing with the White Rose Maths home learning lessons. This week we are going to complete the lessons in Summer Term Week 1 which are all about angles.

Complete Lesson 3 – Angles in a Triangle – Special Cases. Watch the clip then answer the questions set in the activity section. The answers are there for you to mark your work when complete but no peeking beforehand!

Don’t forget to log in to Times Table Rock Stars to practise your times tables. If you need your log in details then email your class teacher and we will send them back to you.



These tasks have been set for the week. You do not need to do all of them – pick the ones that you will enjoy doing:

Task 1: Complete this dot to dot activity below to reveal an animal. Colour it in when complete. Research how this animal has evolved and adapted to suit its environment.

Dot to Dot activity

Task 2: Research an animal of your choice and find out these facts about them:

What habitat does it live in?
How has it adapted to suit its habitat?
What special features does it have that make it unique?
Are they endangered? Why?
What does it eat?
Explain its life cycle
Research any interesting facts (e.g. how long does it sleep for?)

Create your own information sheet about your animal using your research. This could be done as a poster, a PowerPoint presentation or a leaflet.

Task 3: Plan and write your own poem or riddle about the animal you researched. Make sure it is presented beautifully.

Task 4: Create your own piece of brightly coloured artwork based on your animal:

Task 5: Research the scientist Charles Darwin and write a biography about him.

Task 6: Find out about Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’ and write a report explaining what it is.

Task 7: Create a black and white portrait of Charles Darwin.

Don’t forget to email us your work so we can see what you have been up to.  Have a good day!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood