Year 6 Home Learning 20.04.20

Hello Year 6,
We hope that you all had a wonderful chocolate-filled Easter with your families. We were so pleased with the efforts you put into your home learning last term and we are looking forward to seeing the work you produce again this term. Please email us work that you complete and are really proud of. Our email addresses are at the bottom of this post.

Morning Workout:
As always, we would like you to do a Joe Wicks workout to get you up and ready for the day ahead. Today’s one starts at 9am on his YouTube channel. He has also been doing the workouts over the Easter break. Here is a link to Friday’s workout if you missed it:

It seems like a very long time since we have seen you all and we would love to hear from each of you. Please send us an email (from your parent’s email account) to tell us what you have been doing and how you are feeling and we will reply back.  Our email addresses are at the bottom of this post.  If you cannot send an email then write a letter on a piece of paper. Remember to make sure you practise your year 5/6 spellings during this time.

We hope you are using this time to read as much as you can. Reading takes us away from our everyday lives and leads us into thrilling adventures. These websites will give you access to some stories to enjoy:– David Walliams is reading one of his stories everyday for free. – A choice of stories to listen to for free.

We have set a new book on Purple Mash for you to read called Just the Beginning. It is about two friends trying save the people they love during an earthquake. Read Chapter 1 and answer the multiple choice quiz. We have also set an activity for you to describe a special friend. You will find these at 2dos in Purple Mash. If you need your passwords resent, please contact your class teacher.

We are continuing with the White Rose Maths home learning lessons. This week we are going to complete the lessons in Summer Term Week 1 which are all about angles. Hopefully this will be a revision of work we completed in class just before school closed.

Today complete Lesson 1 – Vertically Opposite Angles. Watch the clip then answer the questions set in the activity section. The answers are there for you to mark your work when complete but no peeking beforehand!

Project for the week:

Select a task to complete from the list below each day:

Task 1: Complete this dot to dot activity below to reveal an animal. Colour it in when complete. Research how this animal has evolved and adapted to suit its environment.

Dot to Dot activity

Task 2: Research an animal of your choice and find out these facts about them:
What habitat does it live in?
How has it adapted to suit its habitat?
What special features does it have that make it unique?
Are they endangered? Why?
What does it eat?
Explain its life cycle
Research any interesting facts (e.g. how long does it sleep for?)

Create your own information sheet about your animal using your research. This could be done as a poster, a PowerPoint presentation or a leaflet.

Task 3: Plan and write your own poem or riddle about the animal you researched. Make sure it is presented beautifully

Task 4: Create your own piece of brightly coloured artwork based on your animal:

Task 5: Research the scientist Charles Darwin and write a biography about him.

Task 6: Find out about Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’ and write a report explaining what it is.

Task 7: Create a black and white portrait of Charles Darwin.

Have a great day!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood