Year 6 Home Learning 17.06.2020

Good Morning Year 6,


PE: Start the day with some physical activity. You can tune in to Joe Wicks at 9am on his YouTube channel for his daily workout or do any physical activity of your choice.


English: We are going to continue to do some work around the film ‘The Present’ which you watched yesterday.

Watch the film here:

We would like to you write a diary entry from the boy’s point of view about receiving the puppy as a present. Explain how he felt when he first saw the puppy. Explain why he feels like this.  What made him change his mind about the puppy and how does he feel about owning the it now? Add extra details to what you saw on screen:

  • Why did his mum give him the present?
  • What does he call the puppy?
  • What does the puppy like to do/play?
  • Where does the puppy sleep?
  • Does the boy think the puppy likes him? What evidence does he have?

We are going to give you 2 days to do this task like we would in school. You can type up your diary entry if you like, but you must proof read and edit your work to ensure it is your best work yet!


Reading: Read chapter 3 of ‘Nightfall on the Somme’ then answer the multiple-choice questions. Both have been set as a 2Do. Then have a go at the SPAG activity below, linked to the chapter.

Nightfall On The Somme – Chapter 3 – SPAG


Maths: Today we are converting metric measures.

Watch the clip and then answer the questions below. When you have finished you can use the answers to mark your work – but no peeking at the answers until you are finished!




Jungle Project

This week we are going to be setting some activities set around the theme of ‘The Jungle’
Each afternoon, pick one of these activities to complete. Some of the activities may take longer than 1 afternoon:

1. Research a weird and wonderful animal that lives in the rainforest. Create a face file on this animal (could be a poster or a leaflet). Include information such as: what it looks like, its life cycle, what it eats, how it catches its prey, where it lives (trees, forest floor) and some interesting facts about it.

2. This jungle painting below was created by Henri Rousseau and is called Surprised. In this picture a tiger crouches low in thick jungle foliage, its back arched and teeth bared. It is not entirely clear what is happening: is the tiger cowering from the flash of lightning, or is it stalking prey?








Watch this clip from the national gallery and see if you can create your own collage based on this picture following the steps shown.

3. Write your own descriptive jungle setting using this word mat to help you with your vocabulary:

Jungle descriptions word mat

4. Design and make a jungle style cushion. Use felt or different fabrics to create your cushion. You will need to stuff your cushion when finished with some soft padding to complete it.









5. Create some jungle animal masks to wear.

6. Create your own jungle landscape in a shoebox.






Remember to email us your finished work.

Have a good day.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood