Year 6 Home Learning 10.07.2020

Happy Friday Year 6!


PE: Tune in to Joe Wicks at 9am on his YouTube channel for his daily workout or make up your own exercise video and get your family to join in with your moves!


English: Today we will be revising the work we have done in class on antonyms and synonyms.

Read through the PowerPoint below then answer the questions on the worksheet. The answers are on the final page. Use them to check your work once you have finished.


Activity Sheet Word Sorting

Mini Test


Reading: Read chapters 5 and 6 of ‘The Magic Pen’ then answer the multiple-choice questions. Both have been set as a 2Do.


Maths: We have set you a maths mystery to solve. It is called ‘Lost in the Forest’. You need to solve all 10 clues. Each clue will give you a one-digit number – these will make a passcode to type into the phone to unlock it. Read the instructions carefully then complete the maths problems to get the clues to help you solve the mystery. Good luck!

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards

Recording sheet

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards – Answers

Final code answer


Fun Friday Challenge:

Today is ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day’. It highlights the value of bees and the good work done by the nation’s beekeepers. We would like you to make model of a bee and find out how bees make honey. Can you also find out the differences between a bee and a wasp.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood