Year 6 Home Learning 07.07.2020

Hello Year 6,

Thank you for the work we are receiving by email. We love to see what you are achieving at home and are pleased with your efforts.


PE: As usual we would like you to start the day with some physical activity. You could tune into Joe Wicks at 9am on his YouTube channel for his daily workout, or if you want to have a go at something different, you could make up your own exercise routine for your family to follow!


English: Today you are going to finish your story based on one of the Harris Burdick pictures below:

Archie Smith

Under the Rug

Uninvited guests

Remember to look carefully at each picture and use the title and the opening line to help inspire you to create your own short story.

When we read your story, we will be looking for:

1. Neat, joined handwriting
2. Exciting vocabulary
3. A range of punctuation correctly used
4. Different sentence lengths
5. An exciting story plot – the ending you may wish to leave as a cliff-hanger.

Make sure you take time to edit and check your final piece of work.


Reading: Read chapter 2 of ‘The Magic Pen’ then answer the multiple-choice questions. Both have been set as a 2Do. Then see if you an have a go at the sequencing activity. Remember to refer back to the text if needed.



Maths: Today we will be working out missing angles in a triangle.

Watch the clip and then answer the questions below. When you have finished you can use the answers to mark your work – but no peeking at the answers until you are finished!


Maths Work

Maths Answers


Online Wellbeing: Please complete this survey just once:

Watch these videos:
Online Safety Video –
Introduction Video –

Then complete the Spot the Difference worksheet – this is a two-part worksheet asking you to compare the differences between edited videos and positive/negative comments.

Also have a go at Higher or Lower worksheet – you need to rank celebrities and discuss self-worth in relation to Instagram followers.

When you have done these tasks, take part in this final survey (again just once!):


World War II Project:

We are continuing to learn about World War II. We have set a variety of activities for you to pick from. Some of these activities may take you longer than an afternoon so you don’t have to do them all.

1. Research why the ‘Make do and mend’ campaign was so important. Try and upcycle a piece of your clothing to make it into something new and exciting to wear.

2. Research some of the propaganda posters that were used during the war. Why were they so important? Create a replica of your favourite poster – this can be done in paint, crayon, collage or as a digital piece of art.

3. Research some of Winston Churchills’ famous war time speeches. How do they help to unite and build the morale of the British people?

4. Create your own board game. If you like, this could be based on WW2 – the events that happened during the war may cause players to move forward or back spaces. Play the game you created with a member of your family.

Remember to send us photos of your work!

Have a lovely day.


Mr Wanless and Miss Wood