Year 6 Home Learning 04.05.20

Good Morning Year 6,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of home learning!


PE: As usual we would like you to start the day with some physical activity, so remember to tune in to Joe Wicks at 9am on his YouTube channel for his daily workout.  I think today’s workout is being demonstrated by his wife as he recovers from an operation on his hand.  If you prefer something different, you could have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga which is also on YouTube. You may even prefer just enjoying a walk with your family.


English: Today we are going to watch the animation ‘Soar’ and answer some questions about the clip.

We would like you to answer the comprehension questions as you watch the clip for the first time.  It is important that you stop the film at the time the question asks you to as some of the questions may ask you to make predictions – you won’t be able to do this is if you have already watched the whole clip!

Take time to read through the instructions and questions now so you know what to do when watching the clip. You can print the questions out if you are able to or you can have the questions and film up on your screen at the same time and write your answers on a sheet of paper.

Comprehension Questions Soar

Watch the film here:


Maths: We are continuing with the White Rose Maths work. We are on Summer Term Week 3 and we are doing Lesson 1 – Simplify fractions. We have done this in class so it will be some good revision for you.

As always, watch the clip carefully then answer the questions in the activity section. Once you have completed the task you can check your answers, but no peeking beforehand!

Fun extra BODMAS challenge: Email us the answer to this challenge:

We will be very impressed if you get the answer correct!


Reading: This week we are going to be reading ‘The Haunting of Rose Cottage’. Today read Chapter 1 and answer the multiple-choice questions. Both have been set as a 2Do. Then see if you can put these events in the correct order:

Sequencing Activity


Environment Project – Natural Art

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who uses natural objects to create sculptures and artwork.
Have a look at some of his artwork, and artwork others have done inspired by him in this PowerPoint:

Andy Goldsworthy art

When you next take a walk, or go outside to play in the garden, take a bag with you and collect as many different things as you can – you could collect anything from rocks to leaves to sticks. The more you collect the better.

Using everything that you have found, create a work of art.  Try to be as creative as possible.
Here are some ideas for you to get you started:
– Create an interesting pattern
– Create a self-portrait of yourself or even one of your family members.
– Create a landscape such as some rolling hills or a beach scene.
– Create a flower using the objects you found (not just the flowers you collected).

Remember to send us photos of your artwork!


Have a lovely day.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood