Year 6 Home Learning 03.07.2020

Happy Friday Year 6!


PE: Tune in to Joe Wicks at 9am on his YouTube channel for his daily workout or make up your own exercise video and get your family to join in with your moves!


English: We are going to continue our newspaper report about the disappearance of Francis during the night:

Watch the film here:

When writing your report remember to:

1. Have a catchy headline
2. Have a subheading to give extra detail
3. You opening paragraph should state the facts: who, what, when and where
4. The rest of your article should give extra details including
– Facts found in her diary
– When and where the boat was found and the condition it was in
– A quote from an eye witness
– A quote from her parents
– A quote from the police detectives
– A quote from the camp site owner
5. A closing paragraph stating what you should do if you have any information
6. A picture of Francis or her boat with a caption

You could type up your newspaper report in word – if you do you could use different font for the headline and you could use columns for the article. Don’t forget to edit and check your work.


Reading: Read chapters 6 and 7 of ‘Where Eagles Fly’ then answer the multiple-choice questions. Both have been set as a 2Do. Complete the SPAG activity below based on the chapter.



Maths: We have set you a maths mystery activity. Read the instructions carefully then complete the maths problems to get the clues to help you solve the mystery. Good luck!

The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Treasure



Fun Friday Challenge:

This week is Children’s art week.  We would like you to recreate a piece of artwork that you like using natural materials.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Wanless and Miss Wood