Year 6 Home Leaning (Final day) 27.11.20

Good Morning Year 6, we are nearly at the weekend, so keep going, we look forward to seeing all your work today.

PE: Mountain Bike Challenge but without a bike!  This an energetic and enjoyable journey down the mountain, encouraging you to get your hearts racing and minds stimulated.

English: Punctuation work : To explore the functions of a colon

In this lesson, we will practise using parentheses in the three forms (brackets, dashes and commas). Then we will explore why we use colons in writing and its uses. Each use will be looked at in more detail and then children will get to put their knowledge of the different uses into practice.

Record all your answers on a piece of paper to share with us.

Maths: Long Division – Part 4

History: Lesson 6 – Assessment

In this lesson, the aim for you is to understand the significance of Baghdad in 900 AD and recall facts about what the city was like.

PSHE – Images in the media

You are perfect! Did you know that? Well, if you didn’t, this lesson will remind you and show you that you are perfect just the way you are! To begin the lesson, we will really break down what the term ‘images in the media’ means and then visit a photographer who will show us how photos are edited and explain why companies use photoshopped pictures to sell their product. We will finish the lesson by creating an uplifting postcard which we can give to someone we know and put a smile on their face. Good Luck!

Reading: Last 2 chapters of ‘The Dark Castle’ (Ch5 and Ch6) and quiz questions to be answered.

Thank You Year 6 for working so hard over the past two weeks, we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood