Year 6 9.6.20

Good Morning everyone, here is a look at what I have planned for you today.

Maths: Today’s lesson is all about forming expressions.

Literacy: Reading focus: Prediction

In this session, we will be looking at prediction questions.

History:  How did Hitler rise to power?

In this lesson, we will learn about how Adolf Hitler ascended from fringe activist to Chancellor and Dictator of Germany. We’ll learn about how the Nazi Party was formed, and what it believed.

PSHE: Prime Minister’s Questions –

In today’s lesson, you continue to lead the country as the Deputy Prime Minister since the Prime Minister has contracted COVID-19 and is unavailable to carry out his duties for 7 weeks. The lesson challenges you to be able to respond to tough questions from the media as part of Prime Minister’s Questions around the impact of COVID-19. Dr Ted is allowing the Prime Minister to guide you but he is not allowed to face the media himself. Do not worry, the Prime Minister has been told what sorts of questions will be asked.

For example, Lilley Lionheart, from Safari National News, is keen to understand how children can stay active during lockdown. Are you ready to do him and the government proud?

Reading: Last chapter today of Buster’s Blitz.

  1. Read Chapter 7
  2. Answer the quiz
  3. Task: Now that you have finished reading Buster’s Blitz, write a review about the story.

Quote of the day: “You were made to be awesome.” – Kid President

Keep working hard Year 6.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood