Year 6 3.6.20

Good Morning everyone, happy Wednesday 🙂

Literacy: Letter of Complaint: Identifying the features

During this session, we will read an example letter of complaint and identify key structural and grammatical features.

Maths: Today we are going to work on Dividing decimals by integers.

Reading: Chapter 3 of Buster’s Blitz

  • Read Chapter 3
  • Quiz

Positive Minds: Quiz ends on 4th June 12pm

Introduction Video –

Work sheet PDF attached

 The 3 Main learning we are looking to achieve 

  • The children to understand the concept of Mental Health and those we all have Mental Health and it correlates with our Physical Health.
  • For the children to identify there 3 appropriate coping strategies that they can practice and use currently and going forward
  • For the children to identify their support network and who they can go to for help

Aim: Each session will include online quizzes, videos, activities and tasks to keep you engaged with the topic of mental health. The sessions will be closely aligned to the outcomes of Positive Minds; Education and will also have illustrated crib sheets sent out will further information and learning for the students to consolidate their learning.

Parkside –

Code: 6824387

PE: Fun cycling activity, all you need is a chair and this link:

Go to the mountain bike experience and click on the second video. Have fun – send in any pictures or photos if you can.

Quote of the day: It’s important to remember we all have magic inside us. -JK Rowling-

Take care and have a lovely day,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood.