Year 6 15.5.20

Happy Friday Year 6!

It is the International Family Day today so take some time to spend it with your families and do the Whole School Fun Friday activity!


I hope you are all keeping a eye on our nine baby blue tits who are eagerly feeding and resting in their nest. Have a look at them using this link:

Here are some activities for you to complete at home today.

Literacy: In this lesson, you will be describing a setting

Maths: In today’s lesson, you will look for general rules relating to coordinates and then work on finding missing coordinates.

Reading: Today it is time for Chapter 5 of our autobiography.

  1. Read Chapter 5
  2. Answer online multiple choice questions
  3. Making decisions – In the chapter Sigi was faced with the choice of returning to the unit versus heading to the nearest city and finding someone who will help conceal his identity from the SS. Discuss the pros and cons of each choice.

Hope you have a lovely day, and I’m all for you taking the next two days off, just remember to come back on Monday 🙂

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood