Year 6 14.5.20

Good Morning everyone,

PE: In this activity you can create your own warm-up activity routine by choosing from a variety of set exercises, then coming up with your own celebration move.

Maths: In today’s lesson, you will learn to describe translation of coordinates and shapes and then translate shapes on a coordinate grid.

English: In this lesson, you will be using figurative language.

Reading: Chapter 4  The life of Sigmund Cliffer.

  1. Read Chapter 4
  2. Online multiple choice questions
  3. In the story, Sigi and his family had to leave their home in a hurry to move to the ghetto. What treasured items would you pack if you had to leave your home?
  4. In the story, Sigi and his family had to move to a ghetto and lost their freedom. Imagine you lost your freedom. What would you miss the most?

French:–ks2-mfl-french-greetings-with-ben-shires/zdpdvk7A fun song to end the day 🙂 Don’t forget to dance as well.

Have a great day,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood