Year 6 13.5.20

Good Morning team, hope you are all well and safe.

PE: I have found something new again for you to try out. On the Premier League Primary Stars website, they have a page called ‘train like a footballer’ thought you might find this interesting

Maths: Going to give you all a break from fractions and decimals and look at coordinates.

In this unit on the national academy you will develop your understanding of coordinates in all four quadrants, including developing skills using negative numbers, using this understanding to draw, translate and reflect shapes on a coordinate grid. You will use this knowledge to find missing coordinates in a range of 2-D shapes in problems both with and without grid lines and deepen your understanding of 3-D shape through exploring nets. You will also learn to define the parts of a circle before applying this to solve problems.In today’s lesson, you will learn to describe the position of coordinates on a full coordinate grid.

Literacy: Setting description lesson 3:  Identifying features

In this lesson, you will be identifying the features of a setting description

Music: To identify pulse and rhythm in music

In this lesson you will sing and clap to the pulse and rhythm of a variety of different musical examples. Enjoy and have fun. If you would like to send any videos back to me that would be great but not compulsory.

Reading: We are going to continue to read the autobiography of Sigmund Cliffer.

  1.  Read Chapter 3
  2. Complete online multiple questions.
  3. Using talents – Write about how you could use your talents to raise money.

Have a lovely Wednesday.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood.