Year 6 12.5.20

Good Morning Year 6,

PE: Attached is a link with lots of different ideas to keep you active his morning.

Maths: Decimal and fraction equivalence lesson 2 : Under week 2

In today’s lesson, we will be learning how to convert a fraction to a decimal using different strategies

English:Under week 3 on the national oak academy we will be focusing on: Setting description lesson 2: reading focus

In this lesson, you will be making inferences and justifying with evidence

Art: Focus: Optical Illusions and using shading to show form

In this lesson you will look at an Optical Illusion artwork before creating our own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.

Science: Take a look at the PowerPoint all about plastic pollution, I will give you two days to complete this as you will need to do some of your own research. Then I want you to write a letter to our local MP Oliver Dowden about the use of plastics and the effect they have on the environment. Remember to try and include:

  1. An introduction, setting out the purpose of your letter.
  2. Details/information which are organised into paragraphs.
  3. A conclusion stating what you believe should happen next.
  4. The use of formal language and vocabulary choices.

Reading: We are going to continue to read the autobiography of Sigmund Cliffer.

  1. Read chapter 2
  2. Complete online multiple choice questions
  3. In this chapter we read about Sigi’s Bar Mitzvah which was a very significant event for him. Write about a special day in your life.

Look forward to seeing all your work today.

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood.