Year 6 10.6.20

Good Morning Year 6 🙂

Maths: Today’s lesson is a little challenging but I think by the end of it you will have nailed it. The session focuses on substitution… and no it’s not the one you are thinking about in football. First take a look at the short video to gain an idea of how to complete the worksheet.

Literacy: Writing focus: Identify the key features

During this lesson, you will be identifying the features of a good character description.

Science: What impact are humans likely to have on life in the future?

In today’s lesson, you will learn about some of the impacts that humans have on life on this planet. You will look at pollution, global warming, hunting and deforestation. Hopefully by the end of the session you will have learned all about what happened to the dodo bird and about some amazing organisations that are working hard to ensure that other species do not become extinct.

PE: Back in school, we have been using Joe Wicks to keep us moving, be great if you can take part again, take some pictures if you can and I can show the rest of 6 Oak.

PSHEPositive minds:  Test Your Resilience Challenge

To finish week 2 of Positive Minds, take a look at the Content Poster which summarises the weeks key points and Summary Video which takes  you through some slides giving some final information on the weeks topic.

Reading: New story choice is…. The Dark Castle Mystery

  1. Read Chapter 1
  2. Answer Quiz questions

Have a good day Year 6 and stay safe,

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood