Year 5 Online Learning: Google Classroom

Good Morning everyone, we hope you had a lovely half term!

As of today, we are setting all work for the children to complete on Google Classroom.

Google Classroom can be accessed via a laptop or through an app using an IPAD or smart phone.

To see your learning using a computer, you will will need to log on via:

Once here you will then need to log in using the email address and password that Mrs Samways or Miss Castell emailed your parents/carers.

Please contact us if you need your login details or any support at:


We have also attached a ‘How to access Google Classroom‘ guide to help you navigate the system. Parent Guide to Google Classroom

If you are still not sure about how to log in, find the work set or how to hand in your work on Google Classroom, watch this video to help you:

All work on Google Classroom can be accessed online and no printing of worksheets will be needed.  Work can be ‘handed in’ directly to the class teacher who can then give feedback.

Many thanks

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell.