Year 5 Online Learning 28.01.21

Happy Thursday Year 5!

All of your work for today has been set for you on Purple Mash today. There are several videos for you to watch and then task to complete, based on this learning. If you have any problems or questions, please do keep in touch with us vis the emails below.

Remember to keep yourself active throughout the day and join us for our weekly Zoom call at 10:30. We look forward to seeing you!

Stay safe.

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell


Morning Challenge:

Here’s a little something to get your brain warmed up this morning! How many of these challenges can you complete today?



All of your spellings this week end with the suffix –ibly or –ably, making each spelling word into an adverb.

possibly, probably, responsibly, miserably, sensibly, comfortably, visibly, terribly, considerably, incredibly

Task 1 : Have a go at completing this online word search:



For the rest of this week we are going to focus on learning about calculating area ofn a compound shape.

Task 1: We’re going tor revise multiples today. Remember a multiples are just like extended time tables. Have a go at this game to get you’re your brain warmed up:

Task 2: Watch this video:

Then compete the Purple Mash 2Do set for you about calculating the area of compound shapes.



We are going to continue reading our book today called ‘The Haunting of Rose Cottage’. We would like you to read Chapter 3 and complete the online multiple choice quiz afterwards.

Remember to look at the underlined words as you read the text. These are words you may be unfamiliar with and if you hover over the word, it will tell you its meaning.

Make sure you are completing your reading record everyday – we will check this when we’re back in school!



We are going to continue our unit of work based on the book called ‘The Viewer’ this week. Today we are going to write the opening part of ‘The Viewer’.

Task 1: Watch the video first:

Task 2: complete the task set for you as a 2Do today on Purple Mash. We are really looking forward to reading the openings to your stories!



We would like you to use the BBC website today to learn about what reversible and irreversible changes are.

Task 1: watch the video:

Task 2: complete the online task of sorting the reactions into irreversible and reversible and then complete the short quiz.

Task 3: Complete the Purple Mash 2Do set for you today, to explain what irreversible and reversible changes are and write about some examples.  


Class Reader:

Listen to an extract from the book called ‘Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes’, read aloud by Greg James and Chris Smith.

Hope you enjoy it!