Year 5 Online Learning 22.01.21

We made it to the end of our third week of online learning!

We very proud of the work you have been producing! It is clear that you have all been working very hard!

Here are your tasks to finish this week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe.

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell


Morning Challenge:

Here’s a little something to get your brain warmed up this morning! How many of these challenges can you complete today?




Spellings for this week: Words with –ible and –able endings. There are some tricky words in this group, so we’ve given you another week to practise them!

adorable, tolerable, comfortable, enjoyable, changeable, horrible, visible, terrible, audible, forcible

Can you complete the spelling test set for you today on Purple Mash? We look forward to seeing your scores!


Today we are going to learn how to divide with remainders.

Watch this video:

Complete this worksheet: Maths Fri




We want you to read Chapter 5 of ‘The Lost Myth of Mathos’ and complete the online quiz that has been set as a 2Do for you on Purple Mash.



Can you write a paragraph describing this image and use some complex sentences?

Use your list of things you can see (written on Tuesday) as a starting point, as well as the word mat given to you on Wednesday. This has been set for you on  Purple Mash as a 2Do today.



Can you complete this 2 Do about transparent and opaque Materials?


Class Reader:

We are going to continue to read our book called Charlie changed into a chicken and you can listen to chapter 9 and 10 today , read aloud by Sam Copeland, the author, by following this link.

Hope you enjoy it!


Screen Free Friday Afternoon:

You have been working really hard this week and it’s the end of the week, have a go at all or some of these activities that will get you up and about!

  1. Have a go at this challenge called ‘Socks in the box’. PE Challenge Socks in the Box
  2. Keep Moving: make up a dance routine to your favourite song! This could be something to share with the rest of Year 5 during our weekly Zoom meeting of Thursdays!
  3. Design and make your own obstacle course: you could do this in your house or garden, using things you have handy such as cushions, chairs, tins of baked beans! How fast can you complete your obstacle course?