Year 5 Online Learning 18.01.21

Happy Monday Year 5!

We hope you all had a restful weekend and are ready for another great week of learning. Each day there will be Maths, English, Spelling and Reading to complete as well a topic lesson.

Please keep in touch with us via the emails below. Send through any work that your child has completed, either typed or a photo, as well as any questions or support you may need.  Your work so far that we have received has been incredible!

We will have access to our emails throughout the typical school day.

Remember to keep yourself active throughout the day and take some well-deserved brain breaks!

Stay safe.

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell


Morning Challenge:

Here’s a little something to get your brain warmed up this morning! How many of these challenges can you complete today?



Spellings for this week: words with –ible and –able endings. There are some tricky words in this group, so we’ve given you another week to practise them!

adorable, tolerable, comfortable, enjoyable, changeable, horrible, visible, terrible, audible, forcible

Can you out each word into a sentence to show its meaning? Use a dictionary if you are not sure about the meaning of a word! This has been set as a 2Do for you on Purple Mash. You need to type a sentence in each box – don’t forget to use punctuation correctly!



This week we are going to focus on division.

Today we are dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.

Watch this video first:

Then have a go at answering these questions: Maths Mon



We are going to start reading ‘The Lost Myth of Mathos’ and today, we would like you to read Chapter 1  and complete the online multiple choice quiz afterwards.

Remember to look at the underlined words as you read the text. These are words you may be unfamiliar with and if you hover over the word, it will tell you its meaning.

Make sure you are completing your reading record everyday – we will check this when we’re back in school!



We are going to start a new unit of work this week based on a book called ‘The Viewer’. We are using the Oak Academy to help us teach you this unit.

Watch this video first and it will ask you to complete some tasks throughout the video.

Then complete the prediction task set for you as a 2Do on Purple Mash, linked to your learning from the video.



We are going to continue with our Science topic this term, which is all about different materials and their properties.

Today we are going to focus on raw materials. Watch this video first and it will ask you to complete some tasks throughout the video.

Then complete the science task set for you on Purple Mash today. It’s a power point file and you can type your answers onto the slides.

Then complete the 2Do quiz to test your knowledge and understanding about your learning!


Class Reader:

We’ve chosen this book as our class reader for a while as we would have one in class! Our book is called Charlie changed into a chicken and you can listen to the first 3 chapters , read aloud by Sam Copeland, the author, by following this link.

You can listen to a few chapters a day, just as we would have done in class.

Hope you enjoy it!