Year 5 Online Learning 09.11.20

Good morning Year 5! We hope you have all had a good weekend.

Here are some activities that you can complete at home today:


We have set you several activities on Purple Mash based on our learning so far for you to be completing at home. – complete the 2Do’s

  1. Can you find the common factors and multiples for the numbers?
  2. Can you practise multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 or 1000?

Remember to keep practising your times tables too!


Based on the book, ‘The Monsterology Handbook’, can you write an adventure story based on the mythical creature you created in class last week?

  • Where will your story start – on an island?, in a a cottage?, in a school?
  • What will the adventure of this creature be? What will it see along the way? What does it want to do or find?
  • Will anyone see this creature and how will they react?
  • Will people try to capture this creature? How will they do this?
  • How will the adventure end?

Your adventure stories can be typed or photographed and emailed to Miss Castell or Mrs Samways.


Can you write a definition for each of your spelling words this week?

  1. aggressive
  2. communicate
  3. exaggerate
  4. sufficient
  5. marvellous
  6. attached
  7. immediate
  8. occupy
  9. according
  10. opportunity

Your spelling practise can be typed or photographed and emailed to Miss Castell or Mrs Samways.


Topic (Science):  

Think about the learning we completed about the planets in our Solar System last week. Pick your favourite planet and create a poster or fact file about it. Research at least 5 interesting facts about it and choose the best way to present this information. Make sure you make your work bright and colourful.


Any work you have completed at home today can be sent to us to be marked. This can be typed work or a photograph. Either way, it will be great to see the work you are completing today.

Keep in touch and stay safe.

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell