Year 5 Online Learning 03.02.21

Happy Wednesday Year 5!

All of your work for today has been set for you on Google Classroom for you today.

You have a task to complete for Spellings, Reading, Maths, English and History. There is also a link to listen to an extract of a book read by its author at the end of your school day!

We have also set these tasks on Purple Mash, just in case you have difficulties in accessing Google Classroom.

Stay safe.

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell


Morning Challenge:

Here’s a little something to get your brain warmed up this morning! How many of these challenges can you complete today?



All of your spellings this week are called statutory spellings. They are spellings that you find tricky to remember and you just have to learn them as whole words!

experiment, knowledge, ordinary, separate, various, extreme, increase, guard, although, heart
Task 1: Can you find all of the words in this word search?



Today we are going to learn all about fractions this week– what they are and using them to solve some maths problems!

Task 1:

Choose a level and an area of maths (addition, multiplication etc) each day and see how many questions you can answer correctly today?


Task 2: Watch this video:

Complete the questions about identifying and naming equivalent fractions.



We are going to read a new book today called ‘Silver Secrets of the Golden Hind’ and you are going to read Chapter 1 today and complete the online multiple choice quiz afterwards on Purple Mash.



We are going to continue our unit of work based on the book called ‘The Viewer’ this week. We are continuing to use the Oak Academy to help us teach you this unit.

Task 1: Today you are going to have a go at planning out your ideas for your diary entry. Your ideas are all going to be based on what has happened to you (Tristan) over the past few days.



Use these websites below to research the life of Guy Fawkes.

Key things to research:

  • When and where was he born?
  • What was his early life like? What did he do?
  • How did he become part of the plotters?
  • What is he famous for? Why is he remembered?
  • When and how did he die?

Then complete the fact file on Guy Fawkes.


Class Reader:

Listen to an extract from the book called ‘Four Children and It’, read aloud by the author Jacqueline Wilson.

Hope you enjoy it!