Year 5 Home Learning – 22.05.2020

Happy Friday Year 5!

Well done Year 5 you have worked really hard this half term. We hope you have a restful half term break.

Here are some activities for you to complete at home today.



possible, grammar, opposite, through, ordinary, particular, possession, separate

special, remember, different, believe

Group 2 and 3:

terrible, possible, edible, reversible, invincible, incredible

forgivable, adorable, enjoyable, valuable, breakable, reliable 

Visit Purple Mash to find your spelling test for the words you have been set this week. Good luck!


Try our Mental Maths Challenge.

Mental Maths 5.5 (22.05.20)

As an added challenge set yourself a time challenge and see how long it takes you to complete it.

Use the answers below to check your work – no peeking before you have completed the questions!

Mental Maths 5.5 (22.05.20) – Answers


Read the text attached called ‘Listen to the moon’. Then has a go at answering the questions we have set for you about the narrative text. All the answers can be found in the story!



Floating and sinking – What happens when you put different sized pieces of fruits and vegetables in water? Why do some pieces float and some sink?

Record your results in a table. Use the table below if you want to.

Float or sink – results

Keeping Active:

Make sure you take regular work breaks and join in with the body Coach – P.E. with Joe at 9 a.m.

Fun Friday – Whole School Activity

This week is Mental Health this week.  Mental health is all about your thinking and feeling.  How are you feeling during this time?  Do you have worries?  Are you feeling positive? Today we want you to try out some yoga.

Keep in touch – remember any work you have completed can be emailed to us to be marked. This can be typed work or a photo.

Please email Friday’s work to Mrs Parmar and Miss Castell to be marked.

Stay safe.

Mrs Parmar, Mrs Samways and Miss Castell