Year 5 Home Learning 21.05.2020

Happy Thursday Year 5!

We can see that some of you have been able to access the class blog on Purple Mash and the online resources. Keep up the great learning!


Here are some activities for you to complete at home today.

Morning Challenge:

Here’s a little something to get your brain warmed up this morning!




You are learning words that you just need to know how to spell before leaving Year 5!

possible, grammar, opposite, through, ordinary, particular, possession, separate

special, remember, different, believe


Group 2 and 3:

This week you are focusing on words that all have –ible or –able ending.

terrible, possible, edible, reversible, invincible, incredible

forgivable, adorable, enjoyable, valuable, breakable, reliable 


Use this sheet to find out which spelling word has the highest score.

Spelling Total Score



Task 1: Practise your mental calculations by multiplying and dividing numbers by 10.

Maths Thurs Starter


Task 2: We are going to continue revising some of the learning we have covered so far in Year 5.  You are going to focus on fractions.


White Rose Maths has put together a great home learning pack on this which can be accessed through this link:


Complete lesson 1 for Summer Term Week 5 – Add and Subtract Fractions.


Watch the clip about this learning then answer the questions on this sheet.

Add-and-subtract-fractions Thurs


We would like you read Chapter 5, complete the online quiz and then put the events of the chapter into the correct sequence.

Serpents of the Nebula Sequencing Chpt 5


Task 1: Can you rearrange the letters in the words to find some space themed words?

Thurs – anagrams

Task 2: Now that you have finished reading Serpents of the Nebula, write a review about the story. This is set as a 2Do on Purple Mash for you today.

Make sure you include:

  • a brief summary of the whole story (synopsis),
  • give the book a star rating
  • share your opinions about the story:
  • What was your favourite part of the story and why?
  • What was your least favourite part and why?
  • Who would you recommend this book to and why?


Keeping Active:

Join in with Joe, the Body Coach at 9!


Something Fun:

Can you make a pavement trail for someone to follow? We look forward to seeing them! (put in image of trail)



Keep in touch – remember any work you have completed can be emailed to us to be marked. This can be typed work or a photo.

Stay safe.


Mrs Samways and Miss Castell