Year 5 Home Learning 09.07.2020

Happy Thursday everyone!

Here are some activities for you to complete at home today:


Morning Challenge:

Here’s a little something to get your brain warmed up this morning!




Group 1:

terrible, possible, edible, reversible, invincible, incredible

forgivable, adorable, enjoyable, valuable, breakable, reliable 


Group 2 and 3:

especially, neighbour, determined, accommodate, interfere, committee, apparent, harass, aggressive, communicate


Can you write each of your spelling words backwards?


Spelling backwards



Task 1: Can you solve the answers to these questions? This is a Purple Mash 2Do for you today.


Task 2: You are going to focus on angles; estimating, naming, drawing and measuring different angles this week.

Today you are going to complete lesson 4:  calculating angles around a point.


Watch the video using this link:


Complete the activity:


Calculating-angles-around-a-point Thurs



Choose one of your favourite books and complete at least one of these activities about it!

Free Reading Tasks Thurs



Task 1:

This week our English tasks are going to be focused around this short video, called ‘The Catch’.


Can you write the story from fox’s point of view?

Think about the following things:

  • How did the fox get stuck in the first place?
  • What did he think when the boy found him?
  • Did he want the boy to chase him?
  • How did he disappear at the end of the clip?
  • Write in the 1st person

Try to include:

  • A verb or adverb to start your sentence (bounding across the grass)
  • Use short, snappy sentences
  • Tell the reader when something happened (moments later)
  • Expanded nouns phrases (trembling, terrified fox)
  • Interesting vocabulary choices (leaping instead of ran, seized instead of grabbed)



Keep in touch – remember any work you have completed can be emailed to us to be marked. This can be typed work or a photo.


Stay safe.

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell