Year 5 Home Learning 02.04.2020

Hello Year 5, it’s the almost the end of our second week of home learning!

We have receiving some amazing learning this week so far, keep up the great work!

Here are some activities for you to complete at home today.



Rain, pain, paint, wait, again, explain, afraid, chain, nail, sail, pail

Group 2 and 3:

politician, position, imitation, accommodation, suggestion, discussion, confession, profession, musician, electrician, optician

It’s look, say, cover, write, check TIME!

Spellings LSCWC


Task 1: Can you make it through the multiple maze? Start on the shapes. From the diamond you will need to
COUNT ON in multiples of five and from the circle you will need to COUNT BACK in multiples of five.

Multiple Mazes x5

Task 2: You are going to continue to learn about decimals, fractions and percentages this week.   White Rose Maths has put together a great home learning pack on this which can be accessed through this link:

We would like you to complete lesson 4 – Step 9  – understanding percentages as fractions and decimals. Watch the clip about this learning then answer the questions in the activity section.

The answers are also available so you can check your work once you have completed it – no peeking before you have completed the questions!


Continue to read our book this week is called ‘How to catch a beast’ and today, we would like you to read chapter 2. This has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.

Remember to look at the underlined words as you read the text. These are words you may be unfamiliar with and if you hover over the word, it will tell you its meaning.

Answer the following questions.

How to catch a Beast questions


In the film we do not see the alien, in your narrative Tony could meet one of them.  Describe the alien, create the dialogue between the alien, Tony and Grandpa.

Task 1: Describe the alien that Tony meets. You can use this map to plan your description.

Planning template

Task 2: create some dialogue between Tony, Granpda and the alien. How many different speech verbs can you use?


Link here if you need to watch it again:


Complete your data base that you started in class.

If you don’t remember what your data base was about, create a new one.

Keeping Active:

Make sure you take regular work breaks! This website has a short workout you can be competing in your breaks from your learning!   or visit The body Coach – P.E. with Joe at 9 a.m.

Fun Activity:

The Mistery of the Easter Bunny Costume


We will post the answers tomorrow.

Have a lovely Thursday!