Year 5 Home Learning 01.06.2020

Happy Monday and second half of the Summer Term Year 5!


We hope you all had a very restful and safe half term break! We are going to continue setting tasks for you each day on our class web page.


Here are some activities for you to complete at home today:


Morning Challenge:

Here’s a little something to get your brain warmed up this morning!





politician, position, imitation, accommodation, suggestion, discussion , confession

profession , musician, electrician, optician


Group 2 and 3:

business, medicine, peculiar, occasionally, experiment, experience, question, weight, complete, grammar, calendar


Use this sheet to write the word in a sentence, to show its meaning.

Spellings – write in a sentence




Task 1: How many questions can you do today? Start with the Bronze, move to Silver and then complete Gold, if you’re feeling like a challenge. Send us your answers and we’ll let you know how many you got correct!

Speedy Maths Mon


Task 2: You are going to continue to learn about fractions this week. Today you are going to focus on adding fractions.

Watch the video using this link:

Complete the activity:

Add-fractions Mon




You are going to begin reading a new text today, called ‘The Great Marvello’.

Today we would like you to read Chapter 1 and complete the online quiz.  This has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash for you.



Task 1: Can you complete these 3 quick punctuation and grammar tasks?

Mon starter


Task 2: Continuing the magic theme from our Guided Reading text this week, watch this video clip called ‘The Black Hat’. The story is about a young boy who finds black hat, he puts it on and once he takes it off, things begin to happen.


Create a comic strip about the story. There are several editable templates you could use in this powerpoint or create one of your own. Aim to include some of the descriptive language in your comic strip e.g. his ears rejoiced at the creak of a branch or a crunch of a twig.




Who is your role model? Having a role model can have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Describe your role model using powerful vocabulary and explain how your role model inspires you to be a better person.


Keeping Active:  

Make sure you take regular work breaks! There is the body Coach – P.E. with Joe at 9 a.m.


Something fun!

Can you create a design of a bird, only using triangles and quadrilaterals? Have a look at this example and have a go!

geometric birds


Keep in touch – remember any work you have completed can be emailed to us to be marked. This can be typed work or a photo.


Stay safe.

Mrs Samways and Miss Castell