Year 4 – Home Learning 9/2/21

Good morning everyone,

It was so lovely to see all the fantastic work you have been doing at home! Please continue sending it in as I love to see it. Remember, all tasks have now been set on Google Classroom in preparation for moving from out school website to Google Classroom.

Please continue to keep in touch with me via my email below. Send through any work that your child has completed as well as any questions or support you may need. I will have access to my emails throughout the typical school day.

Today, at 10am, I will have our Google Meets link opened. This is if you would like to come on and just say ‘hi’ or ask any questions about the learning. I will have this link open for about 15-20 minutes.


Also, remember to keep yourself active throughout the day and take some well-deserved brain breaks!


See below for the tasks I would like your child to complete today:


Home Learning for Tuesday 9th February 2021:


For this lesson, you will need to follow the link below to get to the video for this lesson. Our learning objective for today is: Can I describe the properties of 3D shapes?

You will need to watch the lesson very carefully and then complete the tasks attached below (you will do this throughout the lesson when asked). This task is also set on Google Classroom. – open in Google Chrome.



Extra: practice your times-tables speed with the 2dos set on Purple Mash.



This will be our seventeenth lesson on The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol.

For this lesson, you will need to follow the link below to get to the video.

You will need to watch the lesson very carefully. Throughout the lesson, you will be asked to pause the lesson and complete some tasks. These tasks can be completed on Google Classroom (they will no longer be available for completion on Purple Mash). A copy of the tasks has also been attached below (these can be completed in the word document and then emailed to me). – open in Google Chrome.




Reread the chapter that has been set on Purple Mash (The Knockers – Chapter 6 OR Magic in the Moonlight – Chapter 5).

The Knockers – complete the chapter sequencing task attached below.

Chapter Sequencing – The Knockers

Magic in the Moonlight – complete the joining word task attached below.

Joining Words (MITM)

This is now available to be completed on Google Classroom.


Remember to read your own book everyday (reading helps us develop fantastic language for our own writing!)



Here are the two spelling lists for this week (make sure you continue to learn the spellings of ONE list):

List One:









List Two:










NB: on Friday, your child will be tested on their spelling through a test set up on Purple Mash.


Task One – practice spelling your list by doing pyramid words (this could be done on paper at home).

Task Two – can you list more words that have a similar spelling pattern to some of the words on your list?

E.g. Straight – eight

Pull – full, dull



This week for PE it is all about problem solving!

Open the PDF below and read through the tasks that I would like you to complete today:

PE Home Learning Noughts and Crosses

  1. Mark out a noughts and crosses grid, using chalk, paper, or hoops.
  2. Each player needs five items such as socks or teddy bears. Make sure each player has a different set of items.
  3. On the command ‘go’, players race and put one item at a time inside one of the free spaces in the noughts and crosses’ grid.
  4. The first player to get three in a row wins.



This is the fifth lesson of our Art Unit: Mythological Paintings.

Go through the PDF that is attached below (this is the SMART that we would have gone through in class):

Art Lesson 5

I have also made a video that you could watch. I go through the SMART carefully and give you any instructions you need to complete the lesson. This is on Google Classroom, along with this lesson.

Any questions that you come across you could write down some answers or discuss them with someone at home. Make sure that you continue to read over the Knowledge Organiser every lesson.

Task One: For this lesson I would like you to sketch the Minotaur below (you will need to make sure that you put this in a safe place because you will need it for lesson 6).

You must make the Minotaur as big as your page (A4), following the instructions below using stage by stage pictures.

For the Picasso Minotaur:

  • Mark where the top and bottom of your Minotaur will be on the page with a pencil.
  • Draw an outline of the shape with a pencil (don’t press too hard) – make sure you fill the WHOLE PAGE.
  • Mark in the different shapes using the side of your pencil (pressing to make these markings darker) – use the pencil more heavily where the lines are darker.
  • Where there are darker areas shade these lightly with pencil.
  • Where there are lighter areas shade these lightly with a pencil.



I hope you have a wonderful day and are keeping safe.

Miss Daglish