Year 4 – Home Learning 30/04/2020

Good morning everyone,

We hope that you and your family are doing well. We are seeing some fantastic work this week! Well done! You should be very proud of yourselves.

Please remember to keep in touch with us using our emails, we will be checking them on a regular basis and are here to help if you need us:

Look after yourself and have a lovely day!


See below for the tasks we would like your child to complete today:


Home Learning for Thursday 30th April 2020:


Complete Lesson Four – Ordering Money on White Rose (Summer Term – Week Two) –

You will see that there is a short video that you can watch with your child and an activity to download and complete (I will also attach a downloaded version below). You will also see that there are answers attached if you would like to assess your child’s understanding.

Ordering Money Acitivity

Please email the completed work to your child’s teacher.


Here is a money themed game you could have a go at:


You could also have a go at these times-tables game to help with your times-table recall:


Practice your times-tables speed with the 2do set on Purple Mash.



Task One: Watch the learning screen that has been set on Education City (Ready to Race). This learning screen will teach you the dos and don’ts of using fronted adverbials.


Task Two: complete the Ready to Race Task Sheet that is attached below.

Ready to Race


Task Three: use the writing prompt to write a story (there is a checklist to help you attached). Make sure that in your story you include fronted adverbials in your writing.

You could also include all the other things you have been learning this week (inverted commas and possessive apostrophes).

Writing Prompt


Extra: complete the game Ready to Race that has been set on Education City.



Reread Chapter 4 of Animal Boy which is still available to read on Purple Mash.

Complete the SPAG task that is attached below.

Animal Boy SPAG Task


Remember to read your own book everyday (reading helps us develop fantastic language for our own writing!)



These are going to be your spelling words to learn this week:

accident, address, busy, consider, difficult, disappear, eighth, earth, extreme, enough

NB: On Friday, test your child on how they have done with learning to spell these words.


Task One: continue to practice spelling your words using tasks such as – Pyramid words, Rainbow words, you could clip letters out of newspapers or magazines to spell your words, etc.

Task Two: you have 10 spelling words this week, write 10 sentences using your spelling words correctly. Try to write more complex sentences. You could even challenge yourself to use a fronted adverbial.



During lockdown, we have been taking a bit of time to get out of the house for a walk around our community. We might even just go into our front/back yard for some well needed fresh air.

During this time, take a bag with you and collect as many different things as you can (from your front/back yard or on your daily walk). You could collect anything from rocks to leaves to sticks. The more you collect the better!

Using everything that you have found, create a work of art! What you want to create is up to you! Try to be as creative as possible.

Here are some ideas for you to get you started:

  • Create a self-portrait of yourself or even one of your family members.
  • Create a landscape such as some rolling hills or a beach scene.
  • Create a flower using the objects you found (not just the flowers you collected).
  • You could even just arrange the objects to it all fits together in an awesome college.

Remember to send us photos of your amazing Found Object Art Work!


Miss Daglish and Mrs Banton