Year 4 – Home Learning 24/04/2020

Happy Friday everyone,

We hope that you are all safe and keeping yourselves busy.

We really want to stress how important it is that you email the work you are completing to your teacher. We really enjoy reading and assessing the work you are doing and want to celebrate your amazing dedication.

There are many of you who we haven’t heard from as well so please reach out using our emails below:


Also, remember to keep yourself active throughout the day.


See below for the tasks we would like your child to complete today:


Home Learning for Friday 24th April 2020:


White Rose and BBC Bitesize have come together to create a Friday Maths Challenge!

There are five challenges to complete if you follow this link –

Please complete the challenges and email the completed work (picture is fine) to your child’s teacher.


You could also have a go at this times-tables game:


Practice your times-tables speed with the 2do set on Purple Mash.



Use the writing prompt to write a narrative story.

The prompt has questions to help you with your planning. Use the story map planning sheet to plan your story before you write it and the checklist to help you include everything a story needs to have.

Email your planning and narrative story to your teacher.


Story Map

Writing Prompt



Reread Chapter 3 of Animal Boy which is still available to read on Purple Mash.

At the end of the chapter, a cat tries to talk to Josh. He tries to walk away. The cat will probably try to approach him again. What will the cat say? How will Josh respond?

Write a conversation between Josh and the cat using the 2do that has been set on Purple Mash.


Remember to read your own book everyday (reading helps us develop fantastic language for our own writing!)



These are going to be your spelling words to learn this week:

Interact, interfere, intercity, international, intermediate, internet, intergalactic, interrupt, intervene, interlude.

NB: on Friday, test your child on how they have done with learning to spell these words.


Task One – have one last go at practicing your words before you are tested. You could do this by doing Rainbow words or Pyramid words.

Task Two – assess your child on the spelling words for this week. For the spelling test you could read the word, then say the word in a sentence and finally repeat the word one last time.



Learn about Viruses and Malware using this weblink –

Create an eye-catching poster to share with others the danger of viruses and malware. Ensure that you include things that people should look out for.

Your posters should have:

  • An eye-catching title
  • A definition of what a virus and malware is
  • Why are viruses/malware dangerous?
  • Common types of viruses and malware
  • Three interesting facts


Parkside task for all:

This is a task that is going to be set for all children at Parkside.

Over the last couple of weeks Captain Tom Moore has been in the news quite a lot for the fundraising he is doing for the NHS. As of today, he has raised a staggering, £28,057,850.

A little bit about his goal: Captain Tom Moore’s aim was to walk a hundred lengths of the back garden (which is 25m in length) before he turns 100 years old at the end of the month.

On Thursday 16th April, Captain Tom Moore completed his final 10 laps out of his 100. This was captured on platforms including the BBC and ITV and can be seen across various worldwide news outlets.

What now? Tom is going to continue to walk, raise money for our NHS heroes, and spread some cheer around the world whilst doing so, a true inspiration to our country.

Capt. Tom Moore is also currently at No 1 in the iTunes store, his collaboration with Michael Ball and The NHS Voices of Care Choir on the song You’ll Never Walk Alone topped The Official Big Top 40 chart on Sunday, again this single aims to raise money for NHS charities.

Below is a link taken from an article from the Daily Mail, it talks about all the cards which are being sent to Captain Tom before his birthday on the 30th April. On the same page there is a short clip of when he completed his final lap.


Our task: What we would like to do is invite everyone to create a Birthday card/poster for Tom, you can send it to your class teacher or to ( and we will tweet as many as we can to Captain Tom as a small token of our appreciation for what he is doing to help our NHS fight Covid-19.

Purple Mash have also set up a display board whereby children from around the world can send in a message and or a card to wish this national treasure a happy 100th and thank him for inspiring us all to make a difference and that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Just create a birthday card on 2paint and then save it. Next, share the birthday card and choose to share it to the display board created for Captain Tom.

For all those finding it difficult: the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away”  (Captain Tom Moore)


Miss Daglish and Mrs Banton