Year 4 – Home Learning 23.03.2020

Good morning everyone,

We hope you are all taking care of each other and you are ensuring that you are looking after yourselves.

We thought this would be a good time to explain how Year 4 is going to use the website to set work for the children.

Everyday, we will set a new English and Maths task (as we expect these subjects to be done daily). This could be a task to be completed and emailed to your child’s teacher or a task through one of the many online hubs the children have access to. When a task is completed, you can email this to your child’s teacher for marking.

We will also set a variety of tasks for children to complete (5). This could be – spellings, reading, science, history, computing, art, etc.

Please come to our class page on the website every morning to see what new tasks have been set (at around 8am). Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns (and with any completed work). We will be accessing our emails throughout the typical school day.


Home Learning for Monday 23rd March 2020:


Task One: Complete the attached fractions of amounts worksheet (you will find an example completed when you open the worksheet). This can be emailed to your teacher for marking.

Fractions of Amounts


Task Two: Login to Mathletics (if you need your login, please contact your teacher) and complete the assigned activity (Fraction Fruit Sets 2). This will only be available to complete today.



Have a go at this punctuation game – you will need to improve the simple sentences by using the correct punctuation or else you might be trapped in the tower!



Choose a book from home and read ONE – TWO chapters.

As you are reading, write down any words that you do not know the meaning of. Find out their meaning and use them correctly in a sentence.



Complete the spelling activity set on Purple Mash (this can be found under the 2Do section).



Have a look at this online activity to recap your prior learning about Electricity –

It is free to use and is an interactive guide that includes activities and quizzes!