Year 4 Home Learning 18.11.20

Good morning Year 4!

Here are some activities that you can complete at home today:


Have a look at the three challenges and choose which one you feel is the best one for you to complete. You can complete more than one if you would like.

Challenge 1: Complete the 10 times tables questions.

Challenge 2: Complete the tenths and hundredths fraction questions.

Challenge 3: Answer the decimal and fraction questions



Look, say, cover, write and check your spellings words. Use the grid attached.

Group 1:

Group 2:

Topic (Art):  

The people in the painting are different sizes because some are closer to us and some are further away. At the front the people are very large because they are closer to us. At the back the people are very small because they are further away.

foreground – The part of a view that is closest to us in a picture.

background – The part of a view that is furthest away from us in a picture.

middle ground – Between the foreground and the background.

Artists will make objects larger and more detailed in the foreground to show that they are close to us and less detailed and smaller in the background to show they are further away from us. In this way artists create an illusion of depth of space in a painting.


Have a go at producing your own version of this painting or create a picture of your own, using foreground, background and middle ground. Look at the example above.

Any work you have completed at home today can be sent to us to be marked. This can be typed work or a photograph. Either way, it will be great to see the work you are completing today.

Keep in touch and stay safe.

Miss Rattigan