Year 4 Home Learning – 14/1/21

Good morning everyone,

It was so lovely to see all the fantastic work you have been doing at home! Please continue sending it in as I love to see it.

Please continue to keep in touch with me via my email below. Send through any work that your child has completed as well as any questions or support you may need. I will have access to my emails throughout the typical school day.


Also, remember to keep yourself active throughout the day and take some well-deserved brain breaks!


See below for the tasks I would like your child to complete today:


Home Learning for Thursday 14th January 2021:


Complete LESSON FOUR – MULTIPLY 3-DIGIT BY 1-DIGIT on White Rose (Week 2) – Spr4.2.3 – Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit on Vimeo

You will see that there is a short video that you can watch with your child and an activity to download and complete (I will also attach a downloaded version below with answers):

Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit Worksheet

Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit Answers


Extra: practice your times-tables speed with the 2do set on Purple Mash.



This will be our eighth lesson on Journey by Aaron Becker.

Task One – go through the PowerPoint attached below (all instructions are written clearly and there may be a voice recording to explain tasks in further detail). Read all slides carefully and write out answers to questions if they come up on the slides. You could discuss the slides and lesson with an adult at home.

Journey Lesson 8

Task Two – study the picture from the book on the slide. Write down what you can see/feel/hear/smell/taste. You will need to be creative to answer some of these questions.

Task Three – write sentences describing the scene in the picture. Use the ideas that you have written down to help you. There is also an example on the PowerPoint to help you get started. Remember to look for any recordings.

Sentence Starters

Word Mat

Adjectives Word Mat

Prepositions Word Mat



Reread the chapter that has been set on Purple Mash (The Knockers – Chapter 2 OR Magic in the Moonlight – Chapter 1).

The Knockers – complete the SPAG activity that is attached below.

SPAG (The Knockers)

Magic in the Moonlight – complete the SPAG activity that is attached below.



Remember to read your own book everyday (reading helps us develop fantastic language for our own writing!)



Here are the two spelling lists for this week (make sure you continue to learn the spellings of ONE list):

List One:









List Two:










NB: on Friday, your child will be tested on their spelling through a test set up on Purple Mash.


Task One – practice spelling your words by using your finger and tracing them in the air.

Task Two – try and write a riddle using at least FIVE of your spelling words for this week.



We are learning all about Sikhism this half term; this is our second lesson.

Our lesson can be accessed through the PDF that is attached below:

Sikhism Lesson 2

Task One – Complete the worksheet, that is attached below, by drawing an image of each of the 5k’s and a description of what it is and its purpose/importance to Sikhs.

Task Sheet

If you cannot print or write on this sheet online, you could draw your own table on some paper.



This half term we are look at our Dreams and Goals.

This is our first lesson and can be found by opening the PDF below:

Dreams and Goals Lesson 1

Task One – complete the friendship wheel that is attached below (or on the slide above). You will need to think about the friends and people you know and organise them in the wheel (the middle being the most important people to the outside being people you know very little about).

Friendship Wheel


I hope you have a wonderful day and are keeping safe.

Miss Daglish